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Haighs Farm Shop is a long standing traditional family run business,which is run and managed by the entire Haigh Family.

Our values and extensive knowledge of the trade, have been the foundation and building blocks of what is today, one of the north's leading wholesalers and suppliers of fresh farm produce.

Where possible we produce everything ourselves, either on the Farm or on the land, or in one of our three up-to-date bakery and production areas.

We supply both general public and trades throughout West Yorkshire


Haigh’s Farm Shop is proud to be one of Mirfield’s longest and most established businesses. The farm shop is owned and run by the Haigh family who started the business in 1980.


The business has grown and expanded enormously since the Millennium and has grown to become one of the most reputable names in farming locally and beyond. The Farm Shop employs over 50 staff locally, working both day and night to bring you the quality that Haigh’s are famous for.

The Haigh family are proud Beef farmers who own three farms locally. All beef is reared on the farm and sold at the farm shop, meaning that customers are guaranteed the freshest produce at the lowest prices. 


The Lamb and Pork that can be found at Haigh’s Farm Shop is sourced from local cattle markets, the Haigh family personally visit the cattle markets to select the produce before it is prepared to be sold at the farm shop.

We stock an enormous range of fresh meats and poultry, which can be purchased direct from our farm shop


We also provide a bespoke butchering services, which allows our customers to have their meat prepared for them to their exact requirements, either in weight or in price!!

Throughout all the seasons of the year Haigh’s Farm Shop always have a glorious array of salads, vegetables and fruit – delivered fresh every day and sourced locally where possible.

We also only have our veg delivered when the shop requires it, therefore the produce is at is freshest

Haigh’s Farm Shop is extremely proud of their homemade bakery and confectionery room. From turnovers, through to doughnuts, vanilla slices and our famous meat and fruit pies! The list is far too extensive to list.

The bakery also has fresh bread, award winning pies, sandwiches and savouries which are made on site daily.

Haigh’s Farm Shop has become famous locally for providing a fantastic selection of your favourite household brands at discounted prices. There is a large selection of soft drinks available from Lucozade, Ribena, Coca – Cola and much more, where buying in quantity means that you can benefit from prices more than 50% discounted than supermarket prices.  Confectionary, cleaning products, dairy products, and cupboard produce are also heavily discounted.

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